Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Diva Challenge #228: Organic AND Tangleation Vocation #16: Verdigogh

A challenge centering on organic tangles? How could I not do this one to death? ^_^ Before doing these, I scribbled out a bunch of Mooka on a piece of cardstock and promised myself that I wouldn't do it in any of these tiles. ^_^

The collection.

Tangles used: Opus, Fescu, Featherfall, Ionic

Tangles used: Locar, Punzel (kind of), Qian-Long (again, kind of), Twistee (once again, kind of), Organza, Fescu, Opus, Euca

Tangles used: Uncorked, Pokeroot, 100, N'zeppel, Zinger

Tangles used: Pokeroot, Printemps, Rixty, Wist, Aquafleur, Zinger, Fescu
So much fun ^_^

Moving on - but keeping with the organic theme - your Vocation this week is Verdigogh. And I should have my Cadent example here, but summer is when I plan to do a whole bunch of different things Zentangle and end up doing nothing but the Diva Challenge, so I don't. Sorry. ^_^

Enjoy and be inspired! ^_^

Thursday, July 23, 2015

New Tangle: "Undu"

I'm...uh...not sure exactly where the inspiration for this tangle came from. Topographic maps, maybe? Either way, I'm glad it did! ^_^ Undu (named so because it's very undulating - I know, I'm not creative) is pretty easy and forgiving, although it definitely requires some focus if you want to get all the auras juuuuuust right. The steps are simple:

First, draw a squiggly line going across your section.

Aura it a few times (I did 3).

Then add more auras...but have them "diverge" from the previous ones (this picture got flipped 90 degrees somehow, but you get it. I hope.)

Then aura the "sections" created by those a few times.

...And repeat.

Here it is finished - and looking quite bold with some of its lines filled in! This works really well to cover up those little "hand spasms" or whatever you want to call them (not mistakes!).

Hope you enjoy using Undu! Be inspired! ^_^

Monday, July 20, 2015

Diva Challenge #227: Circus Life

I don't really have much to say about this week's challenge, fun fun! ^_^ Also, Fescu. <3

Tangles used: Tropicana, Cack, Fescu
Oh yeah, and the YouTube project has (surprise!) been canceled. Not because I'm too lazy to shoot videos, but because my iTouch is being a butt and not properly deleting said videos. Even though I've gotten them off of my photo stream, they're still in the "Photo Library"...which I apparently can't access. If anyone has any idea as to how to remedy this, please tell me. ^_^

Monday, July 13, 2015

Diva Challenge #226: Simplicity AND Tangleation Vocation #15: Cadent by Zentangle

Note to self: when you go on a vacation for a month and can't do any blogging during it - say something about it.

On a cheerier note, I'm not dead! ^_^ 

Yeah, I was on vacation for a month. It was awesome. I went to California with one sketchbook and left with six ^_^ I guess having artsy grandparents will do that to you. Obviously, a lot of drawing was done...and I had my first class with a CZT! It was awesome...I finally met someone who was just as into Zentangle as me. And, of course, I was introduced to a bunch of new art supplies I really really really want now...funny how that works. ^_^ 

I'll slowly be posting some of the stuff I did while in CA (there's a lot of it!), scattered throughout all my other posts I suppose. And now to the point - Diva Challenge! I really enjoy the Simplicity challenges - my instinct is always "detail detail detail" so these are like a breath of fresh air. This one kinda reminds me of water lilies...really stylized water lilies. Without the water. ^_^

Tangles used: Indy-Rella, Fescu
And now for the second order of business - this week's Vocation, Cadent (in case you somehow aren't aware of the steps). Enjoy and be inspired! ^_^

Also - I'm setting up a YouTube channel! ^_^ My first video should (hopefully) be up later today - it might not be the greatest quality, and there won't be any audio, but ah well. After all, I'm just beginning ^_^

EDIT: It's been done! Check it out here. ^_^ Turns out there is some audio, which is mostly me talking while recording, only sped up so it sounds like there was a mouse on the desk. might want to mute it ^_^