Wednesday, August 17, 2016

New Tangle/Reticulum: Dreamcatcher

I'm really excited about this one! ^_^

It started with a Traveling Tangles Project with Sabrina Kirjavainen all the way over in Finland, on nail polish - the shape I finished with reminded me of a dreamcatcher.

Tangles used: Sabrina - Sanibelle, Me - Tipple, Locar, Shattuck, Zinger
So I decided to play with a pattern reminiscent of those in traditional dreamcatchers.

Here's my first effort, with a six-sided shape that I treated as a regular expanding-flower pattern and filled a la Suzanne McNeill's Bloom.

Tangles used: Dreamcatcher, Bloom
Second, I tried an 8-sided shape - this worked out best in my opinion and so in the stepout below it's what I start with. I also realized at this point it could work as a reticulum just as well as a filler or floral pattern, and decided to try filling it with Bales.

Tangles used: Dreamcatcher, Bales
Then, of course, I had to try fitting in my own Knightstar - it got really tiny and confusing near the center but I still like the end result. This one started with a four-sided shape.

Tangles used: Dreamcatcher, Knightstar
By this point, I was hooked - Dreamcatcher wormed its way into my second TTP with Sabrina...

Tangles used: Sabrina - Staura, Angeleafe, Tipple Me - Tipple, Shattuck, Springkle, Flux, Angeleaf, Dreamcatcher, Zinger
...Got into my watercolor pencils and turned all blue...

Tangles used: Dreamcatcher, Knighstar, Brax
...And jumped from a white tile to a black ATC! ^_^

Tangles used: Dreamcatcher, Yincut
Here's the stepout. Hopefully it all makes sense. It takes some practice to get it to look all nice and even (and, as you can probably tell, I certainly still need some ^_^) but it's pretty forgiving if used as a reticulum - the dense patterning, especially near the center, disguises wobbly or uneven lines ^_^

...Of course, if you're not a perfectionist like me, I guess that doesn't really matter. ^_^

Enjoy and be inspired! ^_^


  1. Hi Daniel,
    Love all your tiles. I can really see a difference in your confidence with tangling since attending the CZT training.

  2. I really love the black tile. :) And the Travelling Tangles' tile is beautiful and floral-like. Lovely work.

    I'll try the tangle as a reticulum soon!

  3. I love the dream catcher tangle, thanks for sharing!

    1. Just used it for the first time in the diva challenge oh wow why did I wait so long lol?

    2. This is a lovely tangle and how you have treated it is inspiring. Just a note for you. I always print the image of the steps. Perhaps you should change the file name so that its name and your name both show up. I do that so that I always know who has done these and can find the artist again. Many thanks again for sharing.

  4. this is SO goes into a Fibonacci spiral! Love it, going to play with it

  5. Thank you for sharing your creativity. Love the "rinse and repeat!"
    Took it a little literally: Cheryl

  6. Really enjoy this one. Congrats on the second UMT.

  7. A really wonderful idea to use the well-known dreamcatcher to make tangles. You did it amazing! And yes, your work is unbelievable perfect!!

  8. Thank you for sharing dreamcatcher in all the different ways. I was not familiar with the pattern and appreciate your step out. Love your work.

  9. Absolutely love the dreamcatcher tangle! I've been so inspired by it. I plan on showing it to others in a zendala class. Can't wait to see what they do with your new tangle!

  10. Better late than never on a comment! Had not seen dream- catcher or known your name, but will surely check back again. Great job on this.