Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Life is annoying.

Always getting in the way of things I want to do...except not really. I've still been drawing and posting on Mosaic (DanielLamotheCZT24 if you're on the app and want to appreciate me ^_^), but blogging has been...rather neglected amidst tangling, studying for my upcoming PSAT, and volunteering at the library. So here's the last two Diva Challenges for you! ^_^

I was soooooo excited when I saw Laura had chosen my Knightstar as the UMT for August - so excited I didn't get around to actually doing a piece for it until Sunday. Funny how things work, isn't it? Here's my Zendala.
Tangles used: Knightstar, Pop-Cloud, Bales, Arc Flower
It was awesome to look at all the challenge responses and see how everyone used Knightstar - I was a bit surprised at all the people talking about what a challenge it was until I sat down to do it one of my myriad sketchbooks and ended up with a horrible abomination...^_^ Of particular interest was Stephanie Jennifer's alternate stepout, which I ended up using on this tile. It lacks the cool factor of "I'm using straight lines to make curves" but gives an overall similar effect and is easier to keep even.

And here's my duotangle of Auraknot and Meer, done in another one of my sketchbooks - I think I have at least 20 sketchbooks/sketchpads in my possession at the moment, although I'm planning to give away a bunch of the ones I don't use. This was super fun and simple, especially the shading. ^_^

Tangles used: Auraknot, Meer (duh)
Enjoy and be inspired! ^_^


  1. Your Diva tile is elegant and shows wonderful restraint and precision.

  2. Gorgeous work! I love your Duotangle:-) What a clever and original approach to this challenge.

  3. Thank you for the shout out. I really appreciate it.

    Your Zendala tile looks a little grey-ish overall. (or perhaps it's just how it turned out in the photograph?) You might consider deepening some of the shadows to give it more dimension. I really like how everything looks layered, though.

    And your tile for this week's challenge is really creative.

    I, too, have the same problem with having too many sketchbooks. :D hahaha. I think if you focus on completing one/two sketchbooks at a time, it's much more likely that you'll fill it to the end. It's also an easier way to keep track of your progress in tangling because then each sketchbook will be a linear timeline.

  4. I do like the Auraknot/Meer tile; a lot! I always tangle on tiles (of all kind of paper) and glue them in a notebook.

  5. Wow Daniel your diva piece is amazing, beautifully done. Love your last weeks tile too.

  6. Wonderful tile and Zendala! Love them both!

  7. I love both tiles, but I have always admired your work Daniel. Your duotangle for this week's challenge is beautiful in it's simplicity and precision of lines. Nice work!

  8. Glad you were able to post your beautiful knightstar piece, it's fabulous. Your challenge piece is just great this week, love how your little Auraknot star is dangling on a Meer leaf!

  9. Wow, you have a beautifully steady hand, and your line work is so well done! I love both pieces, but really admire the vision and openness of the aura knot and meer combination!