Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tangleation Vocation #1: Star Map by Suzanne McNeill

So...this is just a little weekly challenge I'm doing, more for myself than anything else. Each week, anywhere from Saturday to Tuesday (of next week), I'll post a random tangle that can be found on tanglepatterns.com. The challenge is to come up with a tangleation (or several!) of the pattern. This week's tangle is Star Map by Suzanne McNeill - instructions here. Since I mainly use tangles as they were originally designed, I'm trying to push myself to use tangleations more often. And who doesn't like a challenge? ^_^ If you participate in this challenge, I would love it if you could post what you did somewhere and link in the Linkey below. I hope you (if "you" actually exists) have some fun with this ^_^ P.S. If I actually end up posting multiple of these, I'll be posting what I did for each challenge the week after.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Diva Challenge #206 - Tools/Trade

I've actually tangled with a goodly amount of things...mostly because I constantly lose writing utensils at school, and therefore at any given time will have the weirdest mix of highlighters, gel pens, ballpoints, pencils, colored pencils, crayons, and the occasional brush pen (seriously). And of course, I'm a bad teenager and I tangle in all my classes. I swear, I do all my work, don't tell anyone >.<

I decided to not go to the trouble of finding the bottles of acrylic paint that aren't ruined (they're at least 8 years old), taking out the palette, choosing a brush, actually trying to paint something Zen and failing miserably at making something that doesn't just look like a blob, getting frustrated, and then having to wash everything before I put it away. Markers to the rescue (also really old, probably around 3 years?) ^_^

Tangles used: Leaflet, Mysteria (?), Bronx Cheer, Mooka, Worms, Flux, Opus, Paradox, Florz, Fescu, Tipple, Purk, Crescent Moon
I'm not sure if it's just because I went in with really low expectations, but I actually really, really like this. Also, sorry about the camera angles, I'm too lazy to scan things (and I don't know how) and I'm a really bad photographer.

Also, this is part of a kind of personal challenge for me - I'm trying to work through all the Strings on tanglepatterns.com. The above ZIA uses #3, and this Zentangle below uses #1. #2 is still a work in progress.
Tangles used: Knightsbridge, Tipple, Opus, Mooka, Chuchu
Whew, that was a really long post. I'm gonna get off the computer now ^_^

P.S. I'm adding myself to the increasingly long list of people making weekly tangle challenges! Check out "Tangleation Vocation" here.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Diva Challenge #204 - Valentangle

So...again, I don't really have anything to say about this challenge tile. But here it is. Yaaaaay.

Tangles used: Heart Box, Pinweel'd, Copada, circles and linework
I'm pretty sure Pinweel'd (the pattern inside the bottom left heart) is unique, but if you've seen the pattern or name anywhere else, please let me know.

I also have a few Just-For-Fun tiles - 2 regulars, 1 black, and 2 Bijous.

Tangles used: Crescent MoonLizzier, Tipple

Tanlges used: KnightsbridgeMooka, Tipple, OpusChuchu

Tangles used: MookaOpusDooleedo, Tri-Dots, Allium, Printemps, Pokeleaf, Echoism, Baton

Tangles used: Assunta, Zinger

Tangles used: Flux, Purk, Hollibaugh, Vitruvius, Amaze, Jetties, Crescent Moon, Striping, Opus, Paradox, Betweed, BeeLine

Also, putting the links to all the instructions is a lot of work (as you probably noticed, I gave up in the middle of the black tile)...I think I'll just post links to ones you can't find on tanglepatterns.com.