Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tangleation Vocation #1: Star Map by Suzanne McNeill

So...this is just a little weekly challenge I'm doing, more for myself than anything else. Each week, anywhere from Saturday to Tuesday (of next week), I'll post a random tangle that can be found on tanglepatterns.com. The challenge is to come up with a tangleation (or several!) of the pattern. This week's tangle is Star Map by Suzanne McNeill - instructions here. Since I mainly use tangles as they were originally designed, I'm trying to push myself to use tangleations more often. And who doesn't like a challenge? ^_^ If you participate in this challenge, I would love it if you could post what you did somewhere and link in the Linkey below. I hope you (if "you" actually exists) have some fun with this ^_^ P.S. If I actually end up posting multiple of these, I'll be posting what I did for each challenge the week after.

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