Monday, July 18, 2016


So, I have another really looooong plane flight coming up soon, to go from my grandparent's house in California to my home in Oklahoma. I'll post my inevitable tangling from that flight here when I get back and get settled in...but for now you get the piece I did in my Moleskine journal when I flew out to Cali in the first place ^_^

Tangles used: Marasu, Tipple, Static, Pokeleaf, Evoke, Tortuca, Mooka, Crescent Moon, Hollibaugh, Flux, 'Nzeppel, Beeline, Opus, Emingle, Diva Dance, Bunzo, Eye-Wa, Ing, Bales, Verdigogh, Printemps, Knightsbridge, Shattuck, Rain, Pokeroot
...Deep breath. ^_^

If you want to see more of my work, more regularly, you can find and appreciate me on Mosaic (DanielLamotheCZT24). Enjoy and be inspired! ^_^

Monday, July 11, 2016

When Everything Happens at Once (also some art)

Time certainly flies when you're having fun...the last three weeks were absolutely crazy and absolutely amazing. NY Botanical Gardens. The Met. CZT Seminar 24. A whirlwind of classes (yes, already!). Buying new art supplies. Trying new art supplies. 4th of July. Hearst Castle...and all of a sudden, home. Aaaaaaah.... ^_^
Oh yeah, the Diva Challenge is gonna be at the bottom of all this. So if you don't want to look through my photos and my gushing, scroll down ^_^

Beautiful roses from the New York Botanical Gardens
The Botanical Gardens were a bit of a disappointment because nothing was in bloom...except for the absolutely spectacular rose garden at the farthest end. Worth the ridiculously long trek there and back. My mom took about 20 photos of the roses alone...I think this is the prettiest one ^_^

At the entrance to the Met
The Met was pretty darn awesome. I'm not gonna show you the rest of my photos because they're all just random works of art and I don't remember the details of most of them and really, seeing photos of a bunch of old paintings and reading a teenager's commentary on them isn't particularly exciting. At least not for me. ^_^

I also won't dump too many photos from Seminar on there...since everyone reading this either has gone or really, really should and I don't want to spoil anything for them ^_^

Me with Rick and Maria
I have to say, Rick and Maria are some the sweetest, most interesting, and most passionate people I've ever met. You could feel how much they loved what they were doing, and how much they believed in it, in every single sentence they spoke and every single piece of amazing artwork they showed us. They struck up conversations at the drop of a hat during breaks (well, when they weren't rushing around preparing whatever wonderful thing we were doing next). They were enthusiastic and gregarious and incredibly genuine, and totally one of a kind.

As for everyone else...I'll just say that Zentangle attracts the nicest people, and that despite the fact that there were people from 11 different countries there everyone spoke the same "language." ^_^

Just to remind myself it actually happened ^_^
Oh, and the store. The store...I spent, like, at least $30 more than I planned to. Aaaaah. It was amazing. ^_^

And now just for laughs...

Me and my parents
And now for the Hearst Castle pics - I actually don't have too many pictures of my own since my grandfather took a whole CD-ful, and he hasn't downloaded the contents onto my computer yet. Once he does I'll dump the ones I like into a separate blog post and put the link here. For now, you just get a tiny taste of what it was like ^_^

Also, warning: extreme opulence incoming.

The front door...seriously.
Oh yeah, William Hearst (the guy who built it) called this his "Ranch at San Simeon." Ranch.

I don't know about you, but I've never seen a ranch with a swimming pool...let alone one this big, with gold everywhere.
So. Much. Gold. And so many antiquities...and also so many patterns that will be turned into tangles in the days to come ^_^

And so there's my I-have-ADHD-can't-you-tell overview of everything that happened in the last three weeks and also my excuse as to why I haven't posted anything in three weeks right after saying I could post more often ^_^ I have, however, been using the Mosaic app pretty regularly, so if you have that you can "appreciate" me and get all my posts in your feed - my username is DanielLamotheCZT24. And if you don't have it - get it ^_^

And now, for the Diva Challenge! I really admire Suzanne Fluhr - I haven't been keeping up with her blog (or anybody's, really) as much as I want to but she's an amazing writer and a talented artist and it's really cool to see her featured, with such a timely challenge. So here's my Give Peace a Chance tile, done on the new Renaissance Bijoux, with the tangles on the inside of the peace sign spelling peace as well.

Tangles: Flux, Peanuckle, Ennies, Arukas, Crescent Moon, Enyshou
 And some calligraphy, with this frighteningly relevant quote from Albert Eintsein.

I don't really have a soapbox for this subject, so...
Enjoy and be inspired! ^_^
EDIT: So, I just realized that instead of a peace sign, my tile actually has the Mercedes-Benz logo. Sigh. I guess I did kinda divide the bottom half between Arukas and Crescent Moon? ^_^