Monday, May 25, 2015

Tangleation Vocation #13: Phicops by Brad Harms

School's finally out! Hurrah, hurrah! Hopefully this means more posts with more art, but if it doesn't...well, there'll still be more art. It'll just be cluttering my room instead of my room AND my computer ^_^

This (last?) week's challenge was a fun one...I already liked Prestwood, but now I appreciate it even more ^_^ I came up with a fairly simple arrangement of 3 tangleations along with the original. And its name, because I needed to fill up that corner ^_^

Tangles: Prestwood
Moving on, this week's tangle to play with is Phicops, by "B-rad" Harms, who I'm sure you all know ^_^ Enjoy and be inspired! ^_^

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Diva Challenge #218: White on Black on Found

I must admit...I really, really don't enjoy working with white-on-black. I'm not sure why, although I have a strong suspicion it's because of the lesser control the thicker pen affords me and the fact that my "white" pen more often writes in pale grey. Then there's the shading (er, highlighting)...don't even start on the shading. I don't like it. I don't like it one bit. ^_^

Tangles used: Mooka, Echoism, Florz, Fescu
On a much more positive note...I love Fescu. LoveloveloveloveLOVE it. It's an amazing way to fill extra space if you need to...though I think I overdid it here ^_^ And that shading (er, highlighting) is just...painful. Bleh.

Enjoy and be (more so than me) inspired! ^_^

Monday, May 18, 2015

Joey's Weekly Tangle Challenge #61

I recently found out about Joey's Weekly Tangle Challenge through her wonderful entry in my last Tangleation Vocation challenge...yet another reason to look forward to Mondays. And since today was the last Monday for school this year, I can finally fully look forward to them instead of kind of being on the fence ^_^ Challenges are so useful for me...having a basis for my tangling makes the starting much easier. So, without further ado, I present my flower tile...uh...not really tile...ZIA...thing. Yeah. ^_^

Tangles used: Opus, Striping
Also, remember the "base" tangles I posted quite a while back? Well, I finished the Mooka one. The Pubfleur one is on my long, long list of stalled projects. *Sigh*

Tangles used: Mooka, Tripoli, Fescu, Shattuck, Isochor, Sez, Tipple, Opus, Striping, Ragz, Knightsbridge, Golven, Athizi, Paradox, Pinbawl
Enjoy and be inspired! ^_^

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Tangleation Vocation #12: Prestwood by Margaret Bremner

I just realized I pretty much just post here on Sundays and Mondays. Eek, that's not very often...hopefully I'll be able to change that once school ends. Of course, I have an academic tournament right after that, and a month-long vacation to California after that, and an over-the-summer assignment for English II (??!!?!?!!) to boot, so...maybe not. :(

On a completely different (and much more cheerful ^_^) note, I've recently been obsessed with the YouTube channel of the incredibly talented Peter Draws, and have been doing a lot more non-Zentangle abstract art than normal as a result. And yes, I realize that emulating others isn't exactly a great way to exercise creativity, but it's just so darn fun ^_^

And now for the 3rd note in this post - the one you actually came here for! *cue cutout angels with trumpets coming in from either side of the screen with a flurry of confetti* Static proved to be fun to play around with, and I ended up with a fairly simple final result done on my Strathmore Grey-Toned journal.

Tangles used: You know...
I finally used both highlights and shadows on mid-toned paper! ^_^ *cue repeat of aforementioned angels, trumpets, and confetti*

Now, onto the fourth note(Or is it the 3-and-a-half-rd? Also, I realize this is taking that idiom way too literally, but whatever. Anything for the sake of comedy, right?). Your Tangleation Vocation this week is the amazing Margaret Bremner's tangle Prestwood. I have a grand total of 0 ideas for this at the moment, so let's get thinking! Enjoy and be inspired! ^_^

Monday, May 11, 2015

Diva Challenge #217: Duo Tangle - DEX vs BUNZO....THIRTYFIVE!! and Tangleation Vocation #11: Static by Zentangle

Woo, another Diva Challenge! I miiiight have broken the rules here with that little touch of Fescu, but let's call that a flourish instead of a tangle, shall we?
Tangles used: Bunzo, Dex, Fescu...wait, no, not Fescu. That's totally not Fescu. Pay no attention to that Fescu. ^_^
It was a bit of a challenge figuring out how to get these two to play together...I did a couple rough things at school (I promise I'm a good student) but it wasn't until I actually sat down in front of my journal with Micron in hand that inspiration struck. ^_^

Now. Moving on. I am so, so, so sorry about the Tangleation Vocation challenge being late, but weather down here really sucks and tangling has unfortunately not been on my list of priorities (things that were: freaking out, playing on my computer as much as possible so that I could make up for lost time when the power was out, and freaking out even more. I know, I'm pathetic, I'm sorry. ^_^). I managed to whip up some decent results for Mooka, though.

Tangles used: Mooka, Purk
 Not really the best, but it certainly shows off some nice variations - a spiky Mooka, a "free" Mooka, and a spiky, rounded Mooka (oxymoron much?).

Tangles used: Mooka, Nvelope, Fescu
I like this one a lot more. The black and white is balanced (for once!) and the composition is nice. I also really, really need to stop being too lazy to shade things...but we all know that's not gonna happen for a while ^_^

This week's challenge is to play around with Static, a very simple official tangle. I don't think it has any instructions online, but it doesn't really need any - it's just a single zigzag line, aura-ed over and over until you've filled the section. I also think all 3 people who've participated in this (thank you all!! ^_^) are CZTs, so you should all know it anyways. Enjoy and be inspired! ^_^

Monday, May 4, 2015

Diva Challenge #216: UMT - Brella by Bunny Wright, CZT

I've played with Brella once before, for the It's a String Thing Challenge number...uh...I-don't-know-and-I'm-too-lazy-to-go-check. That's a number, right? ^_^ It was fun, but I like this rendition much better. I was originally planning for the Brella section to be receding with the way I shaded it, but instead it looks like it's under a bubble and really stands out. I like it ^_^ I'm also the only person on this side of the world not to have seen Star Wars yet, so thanks for highlighting my ignorance, Laura ^_^

Tangles used: Brella, Opus, Zinger
It's pretty unbalanced, but whattayagonnado. Also - exciting news - I found a journal that I lost over a year ago that's actually good! ^_^ So, the tangle journal has returned. For now. The pages are pretty thin and the Micron shows through if I do any black sections (even those as small as the tips of Opus or the middle lines in Brella) and so I'm using the back of each page for practicing and coming up with tangles.

 I've also recently been enamored with the idea of drawing "base" tangles really large with my Pigma Graphic or Sharpie and doing a little bit of line embellishment with my 005, before adding in tangles with my 01. Here are some "bases", one with Mooka and one with Pubfleur (a tangle from Cris Letourneau's awesome book Pattern Play). 

I'll show you both of these filled with tangles later on in the week. Check out my "Tangleation Vocation" challenge by clicking on it's tab at the side of the screen, and also my other blog of abstract art over at My Journey in Black and White. Enjoy and be inspired! ^_^

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Tangleation Vocation #10: Mooka by Zentangle

Yay, my first milestone! ^_^ 10 challenges...funny, it doesn't seem like it's been 10 weeks since I came up with this. And maybe 10 challenges isn't many compared to most of the other weekly challenges out there (I am the Diva is at 216, I put 190 here earlier, I'm dumb, It's a String Thing is at 90, Joey's Weekly Tangle Challenge is at 58, so on and so forth), but hey, I expected this to die off after the first or second one, so yay. ^_^ I tangled on a piece of wood for the Pokeroot challenge of last week, but unfortunately the photo didn't quite capture the white highlights. I varied Pokeroot's "stems", echoed Lynell's tangleation by bringing many of the stems back to a center point and crossing them instead of simply building off other berries, used Lianne's tangleation of putting 4 ''pods'' around a center point, and also stuck the "pods" on the ends of Adele Bruno's lovely Uncorked.
Tangles used: Pokeroot, Fescu, Uncorked
I also have a bunch of just-for-fun tiles to show - some of which were done a long, long time ago. ^_^

Tangles used: Heavenly, Courant, Amaze, Yincut, Isochor, Keeko, Auraknot (Tangleation), Sez, Hollibaugh, Striping
 This one is quite possibly my favorite Zentangle. EVER. At least, that I've done. ^_^
Tangles used: Paisley Boa, Mooka, Zinger, Sanibelle, Tagh, Pokeleaf, Dragonair, Falz, Opus, Printemps, Flux
 This one was for the "It's a String Thing" (link above) challenge #90.
Tangles used: Garlic Cloves

Tangles used: Tagh

Now that we've finished with the eye candy, let's move on to the challenge this week: Mooka!


...So, um, yeah, it's Mooka. Enjoy and be inspired! ^_^ Also, check out more abstract art at my new blog - My Journey in Black and White!