Monday, May 25, 2015

Tangleation Vocation #13: Phicops by Brad Harms

School's finally out! Hurrah, hurrah! Hopefully this means more posts with more art, but if it doesn't...well, there'll still be more art. It'll just be cluttering my room instead of my room AND my computer ^_^

This (last?) week's challenge was a fun one...I already liked Prestwood, but now I appreciate it even more ^_^ I came up with a fairly simple arrangement of 3 tangleations along with the original. And its name, because I needed to fill up that corner ^_^

Tangles: Prestwood
Moving on, this week's tangle to play with is Phicops, by "B-rad" Harms, who I'm sure you all know ^_^ Enjoy and be inspired! ^_^


  1. Well done Daniel. I like your tangleations, especially the one on the top right. My creativity for prestwood just wasn't happening for me. Must have been the overload at work.

  2. Hey! A triangular version of Prestwood! Excellent. (I still wish you'd put your 1st name somewhere. ^_^)

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  4. Here is the link to Phicops on YouTube. It's nice to have this step out as the written one was hard for me and my old eyes. :). Sarah