Sunday, May 3, 2015

Tangleation Vocation #10: Mooka by Zentangle

Yay, my first milestone! ^_^ 10 challenges...funny, it doesn't seem like it's been 10 weeks since I came up with this. And maybe 10 challenges isn't many compared to most of the other weekly challenges out there (I am the Diva is at 216, I put 190 here earlier, I'm dumb, It's a String Thing is at 90, Joey's Weekly Tangle Challenge is at 58, so on and so forth), but hey, I expected this to die off after the first or second one, so yay. ^_^ I tangled on a piece of wood for the Pokeroot challenge of last week, but unfortunately the photo didn't quite capture the white highlights. I varied Pokeroot's "stems", echoed Lynell's tangleation by bringing many of the stems back to a center point and crossing them instead of simply building off other berries, used Lianne's tangleation of putting 4 ''pods'' around a center point, and also stuck the "pods" on the ends of Adele Bruno's lovely Uncorked.
Tangles used: Pokeroot, Fescu, Uncorked
I also have a bunch of just-for-fun tiles to show - some of which were done a long, long time ago. ^_^

Tangles used: Heavenly, Courant, Amaze, Yincut, Isochor, Keeko, Auraknot (Tangleation), Sez, Hollibaugh, Striping
 This one is quite possibly my favorite Zentangle. EVER. At least, that I've done. ^_^
Tangles used: Paisley Boa, Mooka, Zinger, Sanibelle, Tagh, Pokeleaf, Dragonair, Falz, Opus, Printemps, Flux
 This one was for the "It's a String Thing" (link above) challenge #90.
Tangles used: Garlic Cloves

Tangles used: Tagh

Now that we've finished with the eye candy, let's move on to the challenge this week: Mooka!


...So, um, yeah, it's Mooka. Enjoy and be inspired! ^_^ Also, check out more abstract art at my new blog - My Journey in Black and White!


  1. Congratulations on reaching 10 challenges. Keep it up!

  2. Here's to 10 and my hope that you square that!

  3. Hey...I finally did Mooka. Had to practice a bit, but now I can say I've done it. It is a bit addictive. Glad you had the challenge or who knows when I would have tried. Wayne helped me with the shading on the colored one, so let's hear it for the CZTs!