Monday, May 11, 2015

Diva Challenge #217: Duo Tangle - DEX vs BUNZO....THIRTYFIVE!! and Tangleation Vocation #11: Static by Zentangle

Woo, another Diva Challenge! I miiiight have broken the rules here with that little touch of Fescu, but let's call that a flourish instead of a tangle, shall we?
Tangles used: Bunzo, Dex, Fescu...wait, no, not Fescu. That's totally not Fescu. Pay no attention to that Fescu. ^_^
It was a bit of a challenge figuring out how to get these two to play together...I did a couple rough things at school (I promise I'm a good student) but it wasn't until I actually sat down in front of my journal with Micron in hand that inspiration struck. ^_^

Now. Moving on. I am so, so, so sorry about the Tangleation Vocation challenge being late, but weather down here really sucks and tangling has unfortunately not been on my list of priorities (things that were: freaking out, playing on my computer as much as possible so that I could make up for lost time when the power was out, and freaking out even more. I know, I'm pathetic, I'm sorry. ^_^). I managed to whip up some decent results for Mooka, though.

Tangles used: Mooka, Purk
 Not really the best, but it certainly shows off some nice variations - a spiky Mooka, a "free" Mooka, and a spiky, rounded Mooka (oxymoron much?).

Tangles used: Mooka, Nvelope, Fescu
I like this one a lot more. The black and white is balanced (for once!) and the composition is nice. I also really, really need to stop being too lazy to shade things...but we all know that's not gonna happen for a while ^_^

This week's challenge is to play around with Static, a very simple official tangle. I don't think it has any instructions online, but it doesn't really need any - it's just a single zigzag line, aura-ed over and over until you've filled the section. I also think all 3 people who've participated in this (thank you all!! ^_^) are CZTs, so you should all know it anyways. Enjoy and be inspired! ^_^


  1. Hey Daniel,

    I absolutely love your zentangle works. I've added both of your blogs to my Blogger reading list so I'll be looking on to the progress that you make. :)

    I haven't joined this week's Diva challenge.. I was just looking at the submissions so far to get some inspiration. I'm off to tangle soon, though~

    I look forward to seeing your work again in next week's challenge too!

  2. Your Diva is fun ... I had trouble figuring out what I wanted to do :) I really like your 2nd tangle!!

    ~ Diane Clancy

  3. these all look like you have a lot of fun when you create art. The Diva Challenge piece, those Dex windows so high up in the dome of the ceiling, and the little puffs of Bunzo floating around. Cool!

    But the one that made me go "wow!" was the third piece, working Mooka in with the linear Nvelope, and the contrasting alternating white and black blocks. Very nice!

  4. I love your humor, and the simplicity of your tile. Love it!

  5. Nice work! The third one is my favorite ;-)

  6. like the "essence of Dex" in the top one.

  7. Great work! I like the third one best. Thanks for sharing your work and your delightful sense of humor and the absurd. It's very refreshing and makes me smile.

  8. I like how Dex has been "loosed" from the confines of it's grid! Wonderful idea!

  9. Daniel, all three of your designs are totally inspired! I love the floating Dex squares and your Mooka interpretations are so clean and crisp. They would make great transfers to, say, a t-shirt, a canvas bag, a ceramic tile...whatever! Wow!

  10. Daniel, you always have such an interesting take on the challenges. I love that your Dex aren't in a grid at all, but floating around with their buddies Bunzo here. Your Mooka variations are inspired and you have captured different moods with the so beautifully. Wonderful work as always!

  11. These are all really nice but the last one is very cool! I have never used a tangle in a Mooka before, must try it!
    btw, if you are interested in another challenge I'd love to see your interpretations of my challenges, here's this week's challenge:
    ~ joey ~

  12. Keep creating! You have a great perspective that zentangle and art needs! I'm joining your challenge. I'm very excited! Sarah.

  13. Here is a link for drawing static.

  14. OK. I'm totally buying it. The Fescu is really actually just a flourish. ;-) I'm lucky Zentangle hadn't been "invented" yet when I was in high school (and college and law school, for that matter). That way my doodling more or less ended at the conclusion of each class. If I had been working on challenges, I probably would have flunked out of some or all of them. Actually, if I had flunked out of high school, I guess flunking out of college and law school wouldn't have been an issue ;-)

  15. Here is my late entry:

    Didn't make it in time.