Monday, May 18, 2015

Joey's Weekly Tangle Challenge #61

I recently found out about Joey's Weekly Tangle Challenge through her wonderful entry in my last Tangleation Vocation challenge...yet another reason to look forward to Mondays. And since today was the last Monday for school this year, I can finally fully look forward to them instead of kind of being on the fence ^_^ Challenges are so useful for me...having a basis for my tangling makes the starting much easier. So, without further ado, I present my flower tile...uh...not really tile...ZIA...thing. Yeah. ^_^

Tangles used: Opus, Striping
Also, remember the "base" tangles I posted quite a while back? Well, I finished the Mooka one. The Pubfleur one is on my long, long list of stalled projects. *Sigh*

Tangles used: Mooka, Tripoli, Fescu, Shattuck, Isochor, Sez, Tipple, Opus, Striping, Ragz, Knightsbridge, Golven, Athizi, Paradox, Pinbawl
Enjoy and be inspired! ^_^


  1. Joey's challenges are great. Looks like you've been creating and it's super. Great depth and line that you have an eye for.

  2. Lovely ZIA, Daniel!
    Your Mooka tile is great too, there's a lot of movement in it.

  3. love it! looks a bit like embroidery.
    I like the mooka to

  4. All that complaining about working on black paper, then you make this lovely flower on black paper when you weren't asked to!!! Ha! I particularly like the way you made the leaf. Good tangling! .

  5. Thanks for joining in Daniel! I really like the tangle you chose for the stem and how you did the leaf on the first one. The second example looks like hours of work, really nicely done!
    ~ joey ~

  6. stunning flower of opus and striping...and yes, I love that tangleation of mooka. I have several pages of mooka with that 3-D effect. You inspire me to play with it some more.