Sunday, May 17, 2015

Tangleation Vocation #12: Prestwood by Margaret Bremner

I just realized I pretty much just post here on Sundays and Mondays. Eek, that's not very often...hopefully I'll be able to change that once school ends. Of course, I have an academic tournament right after that, and a month-long vacation to California after that, and an over-the-summer assignment for English II (??!!?!?!!) to boot, so...maybe not. :(

On a completely different (and much more cheerful ^_^) note, I've recently been obsessed with the YouTube channel of the incredibly talented Peter Draws, and have been doing a lot more non-Zentangle abstract art than normal as a result. And yes, I realize that emulating others isn't exactly a great way to exercise creativity, but it's just so darn fun ^_^

And now for the 3rd note in this post - the one you actually came here for! *cue cutout angels with trumpets coming in from either side of the screen with a flurry of confetti* Static proved to be fun to play around with, and I ended up with a fairly simple final result done on my Strathmore Grey-Toned journal.

Tangles used: You know...
I finally used both highlights and shadows on mid-toned paper! ^_^ *cue repeat of aforementioned angels, trumpets, and confetti*

Now, onto the fourth note(Or is it the 3-and-a-half-rd? Also, I realize this is taking that idiom way too literally, but whatever. Anything for the sake of comedy, right?). Your Tangleation Vocation this week is the amazing Margaret Bremner's tangle Prestwood. I have a grand total of 0 ideas for this at the moment, so let's get thinking! Enjoy and be inspired! ^_^


  1. Thanks for letting me participate in your challenge! I had a lot of fun. I will check back and let others know your challenge is around by putting up a link on my post. Sarah

    1. Added my shaded version. You can delete #1 if you'd like. Thanks again for letting me participate!

  2. That turned out really well! I tried to use static several times over the week and came up with zip... well other than a bunch of tiles covered with really bad zig-zags. I'll try again this week and see if I can do better.

  3. My second contribution, this one turned out a thousand times better than my lame attempts at static so I was definitely willing to share!

    Keep the challenges coming, I'll try to keep up!