Monday, August 24, 2015

Diva Challenge #232: Betweed AND Tangleation Vocation #20: Opus by Zentangle

Hello all! ^_^ I don't use Betweed that frequently, but it certainly is a wonderful pattern...that will probably be finding its way into more of my pieces as a result of this challenge ^_^
Tangles used: Betweed, Zenith
 I decided to try my hand at some marker shading with this one...without realizing how dark my "light" blue marker was. Oh well, full speed ahead! A clear Stardust (which you should totally get because it's amazing) found itself in there at the end too ^_^
Tangles used: Betweed
And, on a much less cheerier is in. Which is fine and all, but it means less time for tangling...which means no Tangleation Vocation results this week. Sorry :-( Although this certainly is a special Vocation...the 20th! *happy trumpet noises and confetti* And we have ourselves another official Zentangle pattern that shows up pretty often in my drawings - Opus.

Oh, and cat pictures.
Hmm...what could this be?

Can I wear it? Yeah, I can wear it.

Can definitely wear it...


Enjoy and be inspired...and link me some cat pictures too! ^_^

Monday, August 17, 2015

Diva Challenge #231: The Undulating Tangles in C and S Minor AND Tangleation Vocation #19: Crescent Moon by Zentangle

Several unsatisfactory attempts preceded this one for the Diva Challenge this week...

Tangles used: Dansk, Onion Drops
I have a massive, massive stack of cheap "rice paper" to use up, so I did this Zendala on some of it. I like the texture. ^_^

And speaking of nice textures...this watercolor sketchbook I got in California, the Global, I think. Er...I don't know. If you're curious just search "Global Arts watercolor book", I guess. ^_^ OhmygodIfreakingloveit. And it was 30% off when I bought it... *salivates* ^_^ Here are the three things I've done in it so far.

Tangles used: Jeewels, Flux, Betweed, Pokeroot, Sand Swirl, Emingle, Mooka, Hibred, Crescent Moon

Tangles used: Shattuck, Crescent Moon, Fescu, a wavy thing, Featherfall, Sand Swirl 

With black ink from an inkstone and Prismacolor colored pencils
Just looking at that last picture I'm sure you can see the incredible texture ^_^

And finally, what I did for the Tangleation Vocation challenge, Shattuck...which involved Mooka. Again. Maybe I should just rename this the "Mooka Challenge." ^_^ 

Tangles used: Shattuck, Mooka

Tangles used: Shattuck
Also - I'm thinking about just having participants email me their entries so I can post them directly here and link back to their blogs or wherever else (if at all) they're posting their art if they want. It'd make for easier viewing of the wonderful stuff I'm getting and let people without blogs or the like to show off their stuff too ^_^ If you think this is a good idea, tell me in the comments. Thanks! ^_^

And now moving on to this week's Tangleation Vocation: Crescent Moon, the tangle everyone knows and loves. Enjoy and be inspired! ^_^

Oh, and make sure to check out my YouTube channel for occasional drawing videos! Link's in the description ^_^ Thanks!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Diva Challenge #230: "Let's all be ZenDivaDala" AND Tangleation Vocation #18: Shattuck

So, I really don't do a whole lot of Zendalas. I don't like symmetry. How to remedy this? Freehand the template, of course! And add an asymmetrical background. Still a lot more symmetrical than I would normally draw...but of course, it's a Zendala ^_^

Tangles used: Tripoli, Shattuck, Keenees, Sanibelle

And now some exciting news - the YouTube channel will be up and running soon! Of course, school's starting in nine days, so once that happens there won't be a whole lot of videos. *grumble grumble* Check it out - there's a link in the sidebar - if you want to see the video of me drawing this really really fast. Or...if you want to see it in the future, depending on when you read this, since I haven't uploaded it yet at the time of writing. I do have one other video, so you can watch that ^_^
EDIT: *sigh* Technology strikes back. I swear, Apple is on a quest to make sure I never get to post another video. I will work through this. There will be more videos. At some point. I promise. ^_^

And finally - your Vocation this week is Shattuck. I should be posting what I did for Printemps, sucks. So I won't. Just imagine Printemps without the whole "overlap" part...that's basically what I did. And then I added a bunch of background stuff...*shudder*

Enjoy and be inspired! ^_^

Monday, August 3, 2015

Diva Challenge #229: +/- AND Tangleation Vocation #17: Printemps by Zentangle

Fun! ^_^ I tend to constantly drift between packed-in detail and airy minimalism (more so on the detail side, of course ^_^), but still rarely focus on negative space. So, this was fun and unique.
Tangles used: Gra-vee, Xav, Emingle, weird ribbon-y thing that I probably will never post stepouts for

And, here's my little set of Verdigogh tangleations (AKA "Mooka on a stick" and "I'm too lazy to do anything more") ^_^
Tangles used: Verdigogh, Black Pearlz, elements of Chemystery and Mooka
Your Vocation this week is the official tangle Printemps! Enjoy and be inspired! ^_^