Monday, August 24, 2015

Diva Challenge #232: Betweed AND Tangleation Vocation #20: Opus by Zentangle

Hello all! ^_^ I don't use Betweed that frequently, but it certainly is a wonderful pattern...that will probably be finding its way into more of my pieces as a result of this challenge ^_^
Tangles used: Betweed, Zenith
 I decided to try my hand at some marker shading with this one...without realizing how dark my "light" blue marker was. Oh well, full speed ahead! A clear Stardust (which you should totally get because it's amazing) found itself in there at the end too ^_^
Tangles used: Betweed
And, on a much less cheerier is in. Which is fine and all, but it means less time for tangling...which means no Tangleation Vocation results this week. Sorry :-( Although this certainly is a special Vocation...the 20th! *happy trumpet noises and confetti* And we have ourselves another official Zentangle pattern that shows up pretty often in my drawings - Opus.

Oh, and cat pictures.
Hmm...what could this be?

Can I wear it? Yeah, I can wear it.

Can definitely wear it...


Enjoy and be inspired...and link me some cat pictures too! ^_^


  1. Daniel, for someone who doesn't use Betweed very often, you certainly nailed it. And is that a little bit of the newly published tangle by the Mother Ship, Zenith? Can you explain a little about the "clear stardust"? I assume it's the sparkling "stuff" on the blue. Now that the cat has determined that s/he can wear the plastic bag, I figure the least you can do is to do some tangling on it so h/she can be a true fashionista/o and be the coolest cat in your neighborhood. . ;-) I don't envy you the back to school when it still feels like summertime although I'm starting to see some fall flowers and one tree with changing leaves which is kind of depressing me. At least I don't have to go back to school.

    1. Thanks! ^_^ The Stardust line of pens by Sakura all contain glitter in their ink, and the "clear" one simply has colorless ink. As for tangling the plastic bag...well, I would, but she'd probably just put on a different one next time. She's enough of a diva as is ^_^

  2. I like the folded effect you've managed with the Betweed and the blus one is gloriously vivid. (I also love the Stardust pens - in all the colours too.)

  3. Well, there goes my excuse that my betweed looks like it was drawn by a four year old with a crayon since I don't use betweed much...*sigh*. You've done a marvelous job with this tile and the spinning betweed in the center is exceptional.
    (Love the cat!)

  4. Cute cat pictures :-)
    Your blue Betweed looks gorgeous!

  5. Daniel... Your Betweed tiles are both BEAUTIFUL!! I really love how you formed the Betweed in almost an ING style in the first tile... Stunning! The blue version with the stardust pen is magical!

  6. Thanks for the pictures of the cat, lovely dressed :-)
    Your Betweed combination with Zenith is GORGEOUS!!!!

  7. the first design is gorgeous, it looks like a butterfly

  8. Daniel, these are so, so nice! I love how you contrasted Betweed with Zenith. I would never have thought of that combination. You have a wonderful way of intertwining tangles. The color in the second one is so intense and compelling, too. Love them both!

  9. Gorgeous use of color with the blue. Great tiles and Betweed was interpreted ingeniously. Sarah.