Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Things on Tan

So, I recently dropped by the local art
store and got a neat Strathmore Tan-Toned notebook. Here are the two ZIAs that I've done in it so far. The top one includes two of my own tangles, Lian (the chain-like one going down into the bottom-left corner) and Merida (The swirly one right underneath Biscus and above Zenplosion Folds). I'll be posting the steps soon ^_^
  Mooka, Tesali, Zenplosion Folds, Biscus, Btl Joos, Bran, Pokeleaf, Pokeroot, Finery,
Indy-Rella, Fescu, Lian, Merida
Tangles used: Mooka, Qian-Long, Btl Joos, Twenty One, Diva Dance, Flux, Dansk, Arukas,
Zenplosion Folds, Yew-dee, Tesali, Onomato, Yuma

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