Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Diva Challenge #209 - Saint Patty's

Warning: Might offend some people (probably not, though)

This one was done in my tiny sketchbook while in a hotel in Dallas. Lots of fun ^_^
Tangles used: Sh'Rock, Ahh, Crescent Moon, Inapod, Arukas

Also, speaking of Dallas...we spent two days there. The second day, we went to the Dallas Museum of Art. Saw lots of modern art.

I am losing respect in the "art" world because of this.

I know some people actually do find it interesting, but is someone literally just slopping paint on a giant canvas and sliding around in it (?!) worth spending thousands of dollars on and displaying like it's a big deal? What is the art world coming to when the museum guards have to actually tell you that some of the things that don't look like art actually are and that you shouldn't touch them? When you stick a square and a triangle on a yellow background on a giant canvas, and nothing else, and then claim that it's"simple yet complex" and that the shapes are "in dialogue with each other" and that they "create a peculiar energy," and I've seen 3-year-olds create things that are more makes me wonder. I honestly believe (and certainly hope) that many of these people have true talent, but that it's stifled by the modern art culture. I feel like people aren't looking for beauty anymore, just uniqueness. And I feel like lots of people, people who don't see the "beauty" in black felt scattered randomly all over the floor (another exhibit at the DMA) don't see it for what it really is - felt scattered all over a floor - but as some creative, complex thing that they're not artistic enough to understand.

*Sigh* I'm done ranting now.


  1. Well, Daniel, I think you zia is art anyway. Your post made me smile a bit, but I also agree with a lot you say. I honestly think that art is something that, when you look at it, touches something deep inside you. If that happens, for me that's art!!!

  2. I love your Crecent Moon "wall". I don't think I've ever seen it done that way before.

  3. I like you tile and I like the way you think. I agree about the modern art thing, but if you look at Dali and Picasso, also considered fairly modern, they seem so much more cohesive than some of the things I see today.

  4. Like your Arukas and Crescent Moon variations. I enjoyed reading your "rant". I guess there is a wide variance in what people consider art. I have had similar thoughts, Of course, that is why some people say that tangling is just doodling.

  5. I know what you mean about the philosophies about art and what some people consider to be art and others don't. I suppose some people look at my zentangle art and don't consider it that, but maybe it has more to do with what people were thinking at the time that they did their creations...or what drug they were on...opium, weed, etc. Lots of people joke about that type of thing, but I think it was more reality than not. Andy Warhol's work was making a social statement, so probably has more to do with what was going on during that historical period and whether or not you had a high powered..high paid art agent. Tricky...I love the impressionist period and their use of light, but maybe Rembrandt would have been annoyed with those artists getting so much attention. Most of Van Gogh's work was not considered worth anything until he was dead...and his mother didn't even appreciate it and used it to insulate the house. Hmmm...yes, tricky and very much "in the eye of the beholder" and for me I would say in the eye of the artist, enjoy your own journey and be amused by those who went on before. your green tile!