Monday, March 23, 2015

Tangleation Vocation #5: Swirly Dot by Thomas Gallagher

*Happy dance* Yay! More people! ^_^ Thank you again, Lianne, and also Donna, for participating and spreading the word about my humble little blog ^_^ So, I played with Uni (last week's tangle), but I didn't really do it in any particular place, nor did I ever actually feature it in a Zentangle. Funny how even Spring Break didn't let me finish the few things that I actually wanted to ^_^ So, since all I really did with Uni was simple fill differences (much less creative than either Lianne or Donna was), and it's mostly quick scrawls on the side of my homework, I'm not posting any pictures.

Moving on.

This week, your (I feel like I can actually say that truthfully now ^_^) challenge is to play with 9-year-old Thomas Gallagher's wonderful tangle Swirly Dot. Fun, fun, fun.


  1. Hey Thomas! Very good job. Some of the new tangles look too much like others. Yours is different and that's excellent.

  2. Oh... Daniel. Some how I thought I was on a link that would let me comment to Thomas. Hum...

    1. If you click on the link, you can comment on Swirly Dot's page on ^_^