Sunday, April 5, 2015

Tangleation Vocation #6: Auraknot by Zentangle

So sorry about not putting up a Vocation last week - I was in Texas for an academic competition and didn't have access to a computer all weekend.


Your challenge this week is to play with the official Zentangle pattern Auraknot - I already have some ideas with this so hopefully I can whip up some nice results ^_^ Enjoy and be inspired!

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  1. Hey! Daniel. Just saying "Hi". My computer is insane. It keeps playing tricks on me, so I think it has a sense of humor but I don't like it's sense of humor. Mostly because it won't let me do attachments to my emails. Says I don't have enough memory! Nuts on it, the motherboard says I have more than the average. Crimimy! Don't have a Blog either (learning), so no URL. But I tried to do Auraknot again. Good thing I can't post, Everyone would laugh as they recalled their first efforts. Only this is like my 12th effort (while watching the video.)
    Which academic subject were you competing in? (Boy! Did I get chatty!) Ha! Ha!