Thursday, April 9, 2015

Diva Challenge #212 - UMT: Fanz by Susan Goetter

Hurrah! I actually participated in another Diva Challenge! I know it's kind of pathetic that me, a high school student, is complaining about not having enough time for things, and there a ton of adults out there with jobs that have way less time for things - but I don't have enough time for things ^_^

I've used Fanz a couple times before, and it's a really fun pattern. Definitely requires some concentration to get all the auras nice and neat, of course.

Tangles used: Fanz, Crescent Moon, Opus, Courant, Keeko
Now, time to explain why it's on lined paper. My last personal challenge didn't really go anywhere - I think I got through 5 strings - but I'm doing another one anyways. I found a small journal somewhere deep in my room, so I'm going to try and tangle on page every day until I'm out of room. I'll (hopefully) post every week 7 pages (This one's number two). Enjoy and be inspired! ^_^

Also - check out my 6th Tangleation Vocation Challenge here! It's pretty self-explanatory. I hope.


  1. I like this. The shape is like a sea turtle, and it's great that you are tangling through a random journal you "discovered" :) so cool.

  2. Very beautiful and the design is great.

  3. Daniel, don't let the "busy" adults fool you. I can remember feeling pretty stressed and pressed for time during high school too----and that was a looooong time ago for me. I think you did really nice, crisp work on this one. Fanz isn't so easy on curved shapes---I found out. PS: When's your birthday? Maybe you can "request" a nice art journal. Having said that--good for you for tangling on whatever you have and being motivated enough to start a tangling journal.

  4. It's funny...I didn't really notice the lined paper I was so busy admiring the fanz going from small to large! Great composition and will look forward to seeing your challenge too! When my daughter was your age I noticed that a lot of a teen's time is socialization and realized that for teens this is their "job". Enjoy it all and when you have time to tangle we will enjoy your work!

  5. I love your Fanz! I can only wish that I had a hand as steady as yours is. Nicely done.