Sunday, April 12, 2015

Tangleation Vocation #7: Eke by Zentangle

I finally came up with some nice-looking results for a Vocation! Yay! ^_^
Both of these drawings are in my newly-started tangle journal, which you can read about here. On the top one I simply put Auraknot in a flower-like curvy shape, while on the bottom one I made the initial "weaves" much thicker on one side, and filled them in with lines.
Tangles used: Auraknot, Stickers

Tangles used: Auraknot, Cat-Kin, Bud
Your challenge this week is to play with the official pattern Eke. Enjoy and be inspired! ^_^

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  1. Two wonderful pieces Daniel. Sorry I missed this one as I was away.